January Recap

We are just over one month in to 2017 and I am starting to feel better about my year already. January went pretty well as it comes to my goals for this year, and I am excited to keep it up. Here is a quick update on my goals.

Get In The Habit of Working Out

I did not quite make my goal of making a habit of exercising 3 times per week. I am headed into our less busy season at work, and I am excited to get going with this one. In January, (according to my Fitbit app), I exercised 10 times. This is a big improvement, but February is going to be the month when I do it!

Eat for Health

I have been doing a good job this year of trying to eat for health. I think what helps most is logging everything in MyFitnessPal. The app syncs with my Fitbit application and I get extra calories when I work out. On days that I do not have time to exercise, or don’t make it a priority, I have to limit my calories to meet my goal. According to my app, I logged my meals on 21 of 31 days in January and of those days and met the calorie goal 10 of those days. That does not sound great, however as of today, I have lost 6 pounds since January 1st! I am hoping to improve my diet more this month and see how it pays off!

Branch Out

I have been slacking a bit on branching out, but am excited to try a few new things this month. In January, I signed up and went to a makeup class at Sephora. I loved it! I have signed up for 2 more classes this month. In February, I have also scheduled an appointment at an eyebrow salon, which I am pretty excited for. A couple of things that I would like to do this month are: try a new fitness class and to try a new coffee shop!

Drink for Enjoyment

If I have improved most in one area, I think that this is it. I used to have a glass of wine (or 3) almost every evening and would tend to go out with friends and have several drinks at least once every weekend. I have almost fully cut out drinks during the week – With exception of a glass of wine here and there with dinner and some drinks for events with friends. I have already noticed that I feel better. This is even more apparent when I wake up after I have had a glass of wine or two. I still like having drinks with friends and drinks with dinner, but now I don’t feel like I need to do it every day.

That’s that for the month of January. I will check in again at the end of the month!



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